Commercial Doors

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We offer high performance garage doors for different kinds of commercial applications. These doors are made from commercial standard materials and so we commit ourselves in giving the safest and first class installation procedure. Our garage door experts will guide you to find the most suitable garage door you will be needing for whatever architectural and structural application.

Steel Garage Doors

These are medium to heavy duty steel manufactured garage doors applicable for warehouses, gasoline stations, car dealerships, storages, etc. Our installers are experienced and well trained to make sure that standards are being followed from planning to completion.

The 900 Series Industrial steel garage doors are strong and are designed for applications such as warehouse buildings and other commercial or industrial buildings. Deep ribs are rolled formed into the door giving the door construction added strength. Doors are available both 24 and 20 gauge galvanized steel that are protected with a white polyester finish. Insulation and back skin options are available as well as windows and several glass options.

The 308 Series Commercial/Industrial insulated steel garage doors are rugged and beautiful. They are designed to have a sleek and appealing appearance with great weather resistance. The Model 308 door is made with a sandwich type construction, steel outer skins are formed and then pressure bonded to a polystyrene core giving the door maximum strength and superior insulating efficiencies. Two insulations are available, R9.1 or R12 with optional #3 density EPS foam.

Flush Wood Garage Doors

The Commercial/Industrial wood doors are completely flush and have no horizontal ribs on the door face for a total sleek and uniform look. These panel doors are available in most any size you desire including odd widths and heights. Northwest commercial wood doors are built with pride and integrity by seasoned craftsmen and have earned a reputation for maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Because of its style, these doors are commonly specified by Architects. Ideal for fire houses, car washes, auto service centers, service stations, tire stores, salons, etc. Installation requires special skill due to fragile material compared to steel.

The 800 Series Industrial Aluminum garage doors are strong, attractive and can provide maximum visibility when required. Fire Stations and Auto Service Centers are two example applications. Door frames come standard with a mill finish, Class II Clear or #602 Bronze Anodized finishes are optional. Standard glass is 1/8" clear annealed glass. Most other architecturally specified finishes and glass types are available upon request.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Protect your store, shop, etc. with these structural grade roll up garage door/gate. Suitable also for protection on glass windows.